Our Clients = Our Family

Our mission is to not only maximize our players' potential off the field, but  to also exceed expectations when it comes to personal branding and media relations. There are no exceptions. It's more than just 'sports'...we want to maintain close relationships with our players and their families for years to come. The more we know about a player, the more we are able to personalize our marketing/branding outreach. Unfortunately, in this day and age, many athletes are not taught the right way to brand themselves (or are not taught at all). Our promise is to guide our players in the right direction and to help them make a positive impact of the field/court.

Highlighted Clients

*DA Athlete Marketing does NOT represent or own the rights to these players. Also, due to non-disclosure agreements and at the request of other agencies we work with, we cannot list some players publicly as clients on our website. For a complete client list, please contact us directly and we will happily provide it.